Over the past three decades, I have grown up alongside the growth of Meder Special-Tees. I started this company when I was 24 years old with a vision. I knew that if I worked hard, became the best at what I did, and developed great relationships, my customers and this business would support me and my future. I never expected Meder Special-Tees to eventually be the place my father worked after retiring from Cincinnati Bell. Or the place that I would eventually bring my son to work, either. Our entire family believes in our business, and that is because we have the best customers in the area. Day in and day out, we talk with our customers, watch their businesses grow, learn about their families, and help them get the apparel they need when they need it. Our community means everything to us, and we’re honored to be here and serve them for 35 years and counting.

— Jerry Meder, owner

Our company started back in 1985 when owner Jerry Meder started the company at just 24 years old. From the very beginning, Meder Special-Tees has been consistent about three things:
● Quality
● Loyalty
● Community

From our young beginning, we have focused on the details of our work. Maintaining a small staff of people who are passionate about the work and the people we’re serving has been our mission from the beginning. When you work with Meder, you’re getting the best of the business–but with the comfort of working with a family owned and operated local business.


Whether it is in our community’s schools, churches, businesses, or organizations, it’s always exciting to see our work on display! Our family lives, works, and plays in the same places as our customers. This reinforces our desire to be a business that works with integrity–and one that our customers can refer with confidence.